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Saturday 27
It was with difficulty we could stand on deck this morning, as the wind blew almost a gale from the N.E. and the waves run with violence occasionaly breaking over the sides of the Ship, those who have not their sea-legs on sometimes measure their length on the deck and the cry of whale is raised by those who are fortunate to have hold of some part of the rigging to sustain themselves by. At 10 o'clock a.m. all hands taking in sail the main top sail yard broke right in the center which caused some consternation for a few minutes orders were immediately given and it was lowered down with no other damage than the delay of raising a new one This morning my friend B who was confined to his State Room, solicited my aid to assist him in dressing and going on deck. I let go of him but for a moment, when the ship gave lurch and whether his head struck the beams or his chest first I could not tell for on turning round I found him full length in the latter position I could not restrain my risibilites but gave vent to them in loud peals of laughter, which caused poor B to feel so wolfish that he expressed himself in imprecations on my inhuman conduct

Sunday 28
Were it not for the thoughts of friends and home we should not have thought this was the Sabbath. Oh! New England thou land of Churches Schools and Coleges we know how to prize thee. when deprived of those priviliges which we can not realise [[strikethrough]] when wl [[/strikethrough]]till we are deprived of these [[strikethrough]]priviliges [[/strikethrough]]