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several pounds of Solid A with instructions how to use it.  They signed my laboratory journal.
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Bad leak of gas in house.  Headaches.  During night awakened with strong feeling of discomfort and nausea.  [[strikethrough]] Did not som [[/strikethrough]] Went to bathroom it felt very warm. Felt queer and supposed I was going to vomit but before I knew it I fainted and dropped down on floor and hurt myself slightly on ear and left large toe while falling  all this happened after I had lost consciousness and after I got again to my senses  I was lying on floor and felt very comfortable
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altho' I was very astonished to find myself in that position.  I bled slightly from [[strikethrough]] ear wound [[/strikethrough]] scratch on ear without any importance.  I still wonder what caused all this .-  No vomitting so it could not be indigestion neither did I feel afterwards any oppression on stomach.
Dec 17  Next morning I felt perfectly well altho' later in evening I felt slight discomfort and nervousness.  In afternoon went to New York to have my clothes tried.  wrote essay on: [[underlined in red]] "Race suicide - fancied and real" [[\underlined]] in trolley car.  I intend to read this next Saturday at Anvil Club.  Took
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