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still in the midst of his career.  That A. had stated to himself that he had come to an age where he considered his further research work very doubtful.  Finally vote was taken, Toch not voting result for
Behr - 11
Acheson 9
Toch as chairman did not vote  Schweitzer before, during and after the meeting showed by his utterances his usual lack of tact.  I believe the vote was as follows:
For Acheson
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and I do not know the two other votes.  I felt very dissatisfied.  Last year Hereshoff got the votes because those who wanted to vote for Acheson where persuaded to vote for [[underlined]] Hereshoff [[/underlined]] because it was declared that Acheson would get the medal anyway this year and then even Hereshoff only got two votes plurality.
Last year the medal went to a man of the Chemical Trust this year it goes to one of the Corn Products Trust.
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