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James Anderson (a) Hon. Hudson Bay Co,
care Sir George Simpson. Lachine [[A G?]]
[[pencil]] (now at Mingan. C. [[G?]]) [[/pencil]]
Prof Geo. Lawson Ph. D. Univ. Queens College Kingston [[(Bot)?]]
Wm. Hunter. Taxidermist Rooms Nat. Hist. Soc. Montreal
[[checkmark]] J. M. LeMoine. Solicitor Quebec De. b. Birds 1.
E. M. Hopkins, Hudson Bay House. Lachine (see)
Jas. L. Clouston.  "  "  " [[Ditto for: Hudson Bay House. Lachine]]
Prof. J. W. Dawson. Montreal. 1.
Sir Geo. Simpson. Lachine
James Hubbert. Toronto. Insects. Clifton, Colo
C. Krieghoff. Quebec. Painter of birds.
George Bush. Coldwater C. W. (birds eggs.)
T. W. M Huraith [[Hamilton?]] Canad.
Beverly R. Moins. M.D. Toronto. Insect.
Chas. B. Wood M.D. H.M.S. Hecate, Vancouver Island. Birds
Mr. Booth Niagara Falls
Thos. Reynold. Great Western RR. Hamilton. Lepidopt.
W. Saunders. London. C.W. Entom. Coleopt.
Rev. L. Provancher, St. Joachim below Quebec Entomol. 4.25.62
Thos. Devine, Head of Surveys of Upper Canada, Quebec. Entomol.
Geo. Barnston, 4 Inkermann Place, Montreal. (July 1860) 
Denis Gale (of 3 Rivers) Quebec. (Eggs)
P. P. Carpenter [[strikethrough]] box 1934. P.Q. [[/strikethrough]] 508 Grey St. Montreal. Nov. 65 "House" [[strikethrough]] 418 Grey St.[[/strikethrough]]
Jas. Farquhar. Sable Island / care J. R. Nellis Halifax
P. S. [[strikethrough]] Judd [[/strikethrough]] Esq. Dodd  " [[ditto marks below Sable Island]]
Rev. John Ambrose. Rectory St. Margarets Bay. N.S. birds
Dr. Ed. Van Cortlandt. Ottawa. Fishes 10.62
John J. Coleman. Ottawa  Taxidermist 10 62
W. J. Winton. Cross Roads. Upper Stewiake. N.S
Sharhon James. P.G.G. 413 [[strikethrough]] Berisch [[?]][[/strikethrough]] 413. Toronoto
Jan. Lockhart Care (R. F. Lacklow. Onlane Bark. Whitby C. W. John Benmore 301 Upper Peel St. [[?]] hill April 67
[[strikethrough]] Abb [[/strikethrough]] Abdebbi Care HBC. Jal Lillian Lac des Allurnelles. Guaw Rus [[?]]
B.R. Ross [[strikethrough]] Mal [[/strikethrough]] Rufort Home [[?]]. Care HBC. Mallatua [[strikethrough]] Ch [[/strikethrough]] Canada Eaf Guawn R.C. [[?]]
Dr. P. Fortin. La Praine near Mentual [[?]]: Le summe sarte [[?]]
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[[pencil]] British [[/pencil]]
British & Russian America

Richard Nettle, govt. sup. [[Livharne?]], Quebec. 4 St. Ursule [[St?]].
Owen Jones
Prof J. N. Daveson, Principal McGill College, Montreal B
Thos [[strikethrough]] Broome [[/strikethrough]], [[strikethrough]] Little [[/strikethrough]] St. James [[St?]]. be " [[Ditto for: Montreal]] B. Dead
L.S.H. Latour " [[Ditto for: Montreal]]
Thomas Barnet  Falls of Niagara, D. Canada, B. 
Sidney Barnet address Niagara Falls, m. NY. 
Dr. Walter Simpson, 66 Regent St. Quebec
[[Messine]] L. Villeneuve,  Pretne, Dominaire de St [[Sulpice?]], Montreal
Ottawa [[Athenaeum?]]
T. Billings [[strikethrough]] Ottawa [[/strikethrough]] Montreal
Dr. A. Hall Montreal
Delos. W. Beadle, St. Catharines [[Car?]], 43 Wall st, [[wall?]] [[Max?]]. 1. [[Entom?]], D. [[Leped?]]
John H. Sangster, Hamilton, C. W. [[Enlin?]] 
[[Cateau?]] James Anderson (a) [[Guvan?]] Brae. [[Sarguire?]] Lake [[Sumicoe?]] C.W
[[check mark]] W. Couper [[strikethrough]] [[Carledon St. Innot?]] [[/strikethrough]] Comm. [[Mal?]] De. B
Rev. W. Heneks, Loronte 75 St. [[Pafe?]] St [[?]] 
Andrew Russell. [[Commis?]] Crowno Laude [[Leafaut?]]. 

Nova Scotia
Henry Poole, Albion Mines, Pictone
Andrew [[Douerde?]] [[?]] Halifax  M. B De -
M. [[Lanes]] Halifax
Prof. A. P. S. Stuart, Acadia College, Wolfville
John R. [[Urllis?]], Halifax, B. de
Dr. I. Bernard Gilpin, Halifax, M. B. De
Captain ^[[insertion]] Campbell [[/insertion]] Hardy, R. A. Halifax, (Jun) (after April. 60)
W. G. De Winton [[insertion]] Eastville [[/insertion [[strikethrough]] Halifax [[/strikethrough]] Bird ch
upper [[Slecuracke?]] (70 miles fr. Halifax) Care Messers West, Merchants Halifax

Dr. Henry, ^[[insertion]] H [[/insertion]] Stabb, St. Johns, m. B. De
Dr. Mackenzie Skues, Staff Asst. Surgeon. St. Johns m
[[strikethrough in blue pencil]] C. [[insertion]] P. [[/insertion]] F. [[Eschmecler?]]. [[Urne?]] Harbor, [[Groupbow?]] [[/strikethrough]] Co. N.S [[(Scfl, 69)?]] 

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