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[[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Copy Continued [[/underlined]]

are to be paid out of the earnings in California. It is hereby Mutually agreed between the Parties, that Alexander Van Valen shall be the Treasurer and Correspondent of the Company -

[[underlined]] Fifth, [[/underlined]] The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all moneys, received, expended, and all remittances, and likewise correspond as often as possible with Mess. Kerr or Clark.  No part of the funds received or Collected Shall be Squandered or appropriated to other uses than for the necessities of this Expeditition -

[[underlined]] Sixth, [[/underlined]] We hereby agree and bind ourselves, to remain with this Party through Sickness adversity and prosperity.  Mutually to protect and defend each other, untill our return to New York -

[[underlined]] Seventh, [[/underlined]] We bind ourselves in no case to desert the within named Party, if any of the Party should desert before any quantity of Gold is collected, the Party so deserting shall forfeit the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, to be recovered from them by a Suit at Law, by Mess. Kerr & Clark.  And in case that any of the Party should desert after having obtained a quantity of Gold, We hereby agree to forfeit all right, title, and interest, in any of the Property of this expedition And likewise in case any of the Party, desert after signing this Article of agreement before reaching California, they the Party so deserting shall forfeit the sum of Five Hundred Dollars

[[underlined]] Eight, [[/underlined]] It is also mutually agreed that after