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[[underlined]] Copy Continued [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] 7 [[/underlined]]

that may arise, and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him

[[underlined]] Article 4th [[/underlined]]. In case of Sickness or inability of either one or more of the party, he shall receive that attention from the remaining part as his case shall require in procuring medical aid and assistance and our utmost exertions in his behalf. And in no wise must he be neglected, And in case of the Death of either one or more of the party his remains if practicable shall be brought home for interment, if not (then to be decently buried there) and his family receive his Share of the Profit that had accumulated up to the time of his Death. And also 5% of the Profit of the remaining part of the Company during their stay in California after the death of our Companion.

[[underlined]] Article 5th [[/underlined]]. That strict Temperance be observed, and no Gambling or other vices be indulged in.

[[underlined]] Article 6th [[/underlined]]. That no person shall Speculate or apply otherwise than for the benefit of the Company their money or other avails, And in no Case is either of the Party to devote his time and labour in pursuits that may interupt the mutual benefits of the whole

[[underlined]] Article 7th [[/underlined]]. That we must observe economy and frugality in making our purchases for the Company. And only purchase such articles as are indisputably requisite for the Comforts and purposes of the Company.