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[[underlined]] 8 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Copy Continued [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Article 8th. [[/underline]] It is particularly enjoined on all to treat each other with due delicacy and respect, and that all ungenerous remarks personal allusions or Sarcastic language by which the feelings of any may be wounded be carefully avoided, so that our most prominent objects--Friendship & Harmony may not be diminished or interupted in that spirit of Candor and open generosity which leads men to the Altar of Concord and Good fellowship, and it shall be the duty of the Captain to repress anything that may tend to the Contrary

[[underlined]] Article 9th. [[/underlined]] Any new Articles, or amendments to those already adopted, must be done by a majority Vote

[[underlined]] Article 10th. [[/underlined]] That we hereby agree to adopt the foregoing Articles for our Constitution, and affix our names thereto, and for the faithfull performance of all which, we pledge our most Sacred Honers

Dated New York Dec 28, 1848.
Alexander Van Valen
Mathew Van Siclen
Stephen P Clark
William Byxber
Richard J Paulison