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[[underlined]] 31 [[/underlined]]
although he showed not the least Symptoms of Madness. 12 M Lat 1° 33' south Long 26° 34' West

Thursday Mch 1st 1849. 6 AM. Weather mild & Clear, Wind South East, we have now taken the S.E. Trades. I picked up a anonymous piece of Poetry this morning from the Deck, which I will copy here - Lat 3° 31' South Long 29° 15 West -
The Hersilia is a jolly Bark, and not from the wrong tree.
Do you know Old parson Baxter! Her Captain none but he
His first Mate Bishop Hopkins, loves Order, peace and quiet
The second is an Odd Fish, and fond of dainty diet
The Third Fourth & Fifth & Sixth are all good clever fellows
Who pull the Ropes, Wash the Decks & Cook and blow the Bellows
The Seventh, Eight & Ninth & Tenth, up to the Eight-second
May nearly all, for lack or spice, be 'mong the ready reckoned
Her Cargo is a sorted lot of Yankee Notions
Including Blacksmith, Pork & Beans, & Docters nauseous potions
Some Tailors, Sailors, Ham no Eggs. A Lawyer by profession
(We Caught a Shark one day) [['twaut?]] he a Portugeese and Hessian
A Docter ready is at hand, to kill or cure, as may be.
With Sexton, waiting his command, and ready too [[fix?]] his fee,
Of Painters, Trickers, & Salt [[Junk ?]], Machinists and Molasses
And in the hold or somewhere else a quantity of [[Sasses?]]
Sail Makers, Riggers, GingerBread, a Barber & stewed Peaches 
A butcher, Baker, & Hard Bread, some shad, & pickled leeches,
A Cabinet maker, and Pea Soup, some Tracts, Bibles & Brandy,
A Carpenter, Cards, Dice, and Gin, with Sugar somewhat sandy
Plum Duff, Shoe Makers, & smoked Beef, with just a taste of Mustard
And (when we get at Home again) Mince pies & apple Custards
Some Vinegar is down below, (perhaps a little lower)
And at the Galley door is rigged, a very clever blower
If this was only placed astern I'd bet a frozen tater
(The best we have) this very day we'd cross the hot Equater
But there's no use talking now, the wind has stop't a blowin
And I'm as tired as if I'd been in the field a hoein -
[[underlined]] Lake [[/underlined]]