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[[underlined]] Saugus & Soladad Canyon [[/underlined]]
The [[Chimera?]] method should be used. We crossed the old road between the missions and saw a bell put up by 
marked [[underlined]] El Camino Real [[/underlined]] 1769 - 1906 - the road here connecting Santa Barbara, San Fernando, Los Angeles, Capistrano & San Diago missions.  Then on up into a gulch leading up into the Santa Monicas and climbed up on the road leading across to Hollywood.
[[margin]] Oct [[underlined] 30th [[/underlined]] [[/margin]] Left Fernando about 8 A.M. (train late) & ^ [[insertion]] [[image - footnote symbol]] [[/insertion]] went up there a tunnel to Nordhoff where the English sparrow has come in its way south, and up to Solsgud, where, as there is no daylight train there ^ [[insertion]] the pass [[/insertion]] to the Mojave Desert, Vernon drove as far as he could to determine the zone of the pass, finding it upper sonoran - sagebrush, atriplex, oaks etc.
[[margin]] [[underline]] 31th [[/underlined]] [[/margin]] From Fernando we went on to Saugus where we drove up the Francisquito  and Solidad Canyon. On the road we met a campus wagon with a square frame covered with tattered cloth - inside a woman & children walking around - & a sewing machine standing.
[[image - footnote symbol]] after passing a remarkably handsome ^ [[insertion]] tract of [[/insertion]] olive orchard of the "olive growers association"
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[[underlined]] Santa Barbara [[/underlined]]
[[margin]] Oct [[underlined]] 31st [[/underlined]] [[/margin]] In the afternoon we went up to Santa Barbara and the next morning Vernon went up the mountain - rode as far as his horse could well carry him & there climbed fast to the top of the highest peak, running most of the way back to the horse till his knees & legs both felt the strain - but made it between 10.30 AM & 4.30 P.M. from the Gregson.  Meanwhile I went sight seeing - .
[[margin]] [[underlined]] Mission [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
I went first to the mission.  The hours at which visitors are received are posted and a Franciscan in brown robe and friars hood ^ [[insertion]] fastened with a [[/insertion]] white cord, with shaved head and bare sandalled feet showed us around. A collection of antiquities included a rawhide bedstead with the tree calf pattern - rawhide stretched tight as a drum on a frame of a bedstead (such as that described in Romona, which Alexandro made for Phillipe) - old style bed for the priests, old illuminated books, one commentary on the books of the Old Testament in 1493, a Prayer book in the Indian language for use of the Abuaki tribes, an ^ [[insertion]] old [[/insertion]] Processional Cross, a grape vine the size of a child's body, two old millstones, images, pictures, indian baskets, watches etc. a queer old piano, & innumerable other curios.  Those who went up into tower saw into the ^ [[insertion]] interior [[/insertion]] garden where
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