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[[underlined]] APPENDIX II. [[/underlined]]

The late Dr. V. K. Ting and I had many interesting discussions on this point; for example, in a personal letter dated 14 Jan., 1924, he wrote me: "My own impression is that they ([[underlined]] i.e. [[/underlined]], the ruling classes of Shu and Pa --- the latter state to be discussed in a moment, see [[underlined]] infra [[/underlined]], pp. 5 [[underlined]] sqq. [[/underlined]]) were Lolos, because a transliteration of a poem written in the Han time turns out to be in the Lolo language, and because to this very day the chieftains in southern Hupeh are all Lolos'.
On the use of the latter appellation in ancient China, see page 24 of the text.