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Mon. Apr. 10
Constant waits and are losing much time. Bar opened about 10, in So. Carolina but the supplies soon comsumed. More taken on at Columbia, Savannah, & Jacksonville. Reached Miami at 12:30,  - seven hrs. late. Everything closed, & [[strikethrough]]so[[/strikethrough]] to bed - Pittsburger Hotel.

Tues. Apr. 11
Cleared all but baggage at airways office. From 1:30 - 2:30 laid on Miami Beach, got a little tan. Am awfully white. Cleared baggage. Called on Fairchilds. Barbour looks quite sick. Edgar Brown came for me and we went to his lovely house. What a nice place to retire to : Then with Mrs. Brown we dined at Coconut Grove. Back in Miami about 9 and early to bed.

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Wed. Apr. 12
Up at 5:30, bus left airways office at 6:30. Breakfast at airport at Dinner Key. Took off on hydroplane at 8:15. Glad to find the blinders on the windows have been done away with so one can see everything. Arrived Cienfuegoo [[strikethrough]] 8:1 [[/strikethrough]] 10:30, sent postal to Joyce, had a couple of rums. Left at 10:45, going eastward along the coast a ways, then south. Passed over Jamaica shore at 1 pm. Many roads, many small hills. Imagine this is the cockpit country. Heavy rains to east on north side of mts. Coconut palms look starlike from above. Rather bumpy. Docked at 1:30 pm. Nice hostesses. Had 2 planters' punches on the house. Left at 1:155. Fine lunch on plane between Cuba & Jamaica, consisting of [[strikethrough]] bouilon [[/strikethrough]] soup, fruit cup, fried chicken, 3 sandwiches,