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Dry camped in rain at "Frying Pan Gap. very muddy. kept fire all night, very rough.
[[underscore]] Wed. [[strikethrough]] 7 [[/strikethrough]] 6 [[/underscore]] Had only enough water for tea. broke camp and reached [[Apuk ?]] Mtn. lookout tower about 8:15 [[written in different hand, in black ink]] on [[/ink]] Washed cookkit and tidied pack, borrowed water from rain barrel. Continued on. Saw grouse and meadowlark. Later saw another grouse.
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Weather foggy and rainy. trail brushy andn faded blazes hard to see. Saw deer, finally came to Rock Gap. still raining Had only one match so anxious to find town but fog too thick.
[[pencil note]] 3 [[/note]] Finally made camp at Cane Creek Gap and managed to get fire from one match. Cooked oatmeal for first meal all day. thunderstorm came. [[begin usage of black ink]] Wild cat howled nearby - my hair raised = was fairly comfortable for sky cleared partially after thunderstorm came. nearly drowning fire.
[[blue pencil line to separate next text]] Morn - struck camp- cooked stew [[blue pencil insertion]] Thu. [[black pencil strikethrough]] 8 [[/strikethrough]] [[black pencil correction]] 7 [[/correction]]

Transcription Notes:
page 2 second half - I think made camp at "Cane" Creek is Canal. Also in same paragraph I believe he meant as written in transcription managed but it says manged.