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Trail switch backs down other side. Insect pests of all kinds on mtn. first place so far. Storm broke as I descended mtn. 
   Came to road at Walasiyi Inn. Sign there says this Gap (Neel) according to Cherokee Indian Myth is home of "the Great Frog) head of ancient animal Council. Blood Mtn. is home of Nunnehi spirit folk of Cherokee. Blood and Slaughter Mtns are traditional battleground where Cherokee defeated the creeks.
   Must be spirits not friendly to such as [[Love ?]] Brave because storm came.
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At Walasiyi Inn which was deserted I went under patio. Wrapped in blanket and dozed till 3:00.
   Woke and wrote cards + went down road. Truck stopped, driver promised to mail cards. Started on trail
[[pencil margin note]] 5 [[/note]] and camped near spring Sky threatening [[insertion in black pencil]] along ridge [[/insertion]] again. Cooked potatoes, onion and vienna sausage -
[[blue pencil line]]____________________
No rain, blew cold [[strikethrough]] [[blue pencil date]] 10 [[/strikethrough]] [[black pencil correction]] 9 [[/correction]] hated to get up. fingers got numb carrying water. Started and in 1 mile came to shelter where could have been comfy. Saw several gray squirrel which ran pellmell.

Transcription Notes:
Appears that much of this was originally written in black pencil and then overwritten in black or dark blue ink. Not sure where this started.]]