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time. In case of failure, we will celebrate the natal day of our glorious country on board the "George Henry" as will befit Americans loving [[underlined]] their [[/underlined]] Institutions as [[underlined]] the best of the World! [[/underlined]]
If we do arrive at [[strikethrough]] [[H?]] [[/strikethrough]] in [[Sererin?]], we will make a demonstration that will go far to prove how much we revere the memory of the founders of American Liberty - of American Independence.

To-day the Sea has appeared in "Sea-caps". Bounding billows have been playing with us all day. Now & anon we would plunge, almost fearfully, down into the abyss, then like a thing of life our vessel would leap sky-ward giving our heart [[gay?]] that she was so buoyant & so strong. occasionally a mad wave in all its fury would strike the bow of the "George Henry" burying it beneath the blue water but like a lion shaking the dews of
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heaven from its mane did our [[Argosis?]] appear, bathed in crystal drops, but driving on [[insertion]] & on [[/insertion]] majestically.

Monday, June, 18 [[superscript]] th [[/superscript]] 1860

Lat.  50°-20'-00" N. }
Long. 48°-35'-40" W. } By Observations

   We have advanced but a little way from where we were yesterday. Head winds deter us. This evening, however, a fresh wind from the South is helping us to the N. direct. May it continue its friendly aid

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