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quietly & unsurprisingly along. So far as [[underlined]] true [[/underlined]] greatness was concerned these whales had it surely. It is true the whale is the king & ruler of the seas as its etymology indicates, [[strikethrough]] the [[word?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] balæna [[/underlined]] being derived from the Phœnician word Baalman which means the [[underlined]] King of fishes [[/underlined]];  And yet these whales of which I write, though [[underlined]] "King of fishes" [[/underlined]]showed no act of inmperial greatness.
Now & anon they would  [[/underlined]] raise their heads [[/underlined]], but this was [[insertion]] from [[/insertion]] no [[underlined]] pride [[/underlined]] or [[underlined]] pomposity [[/underlined]]; it was simply to fulfill a law of nature - [[underlined]] to breathe [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] or not. [[/insertion]]- quite as necessary for whales as for men! -
[[strikethrough]] by breathing! [[/strikethrough]] But life does not consist merely in [[underlined]] breathing [[/underlined]] but in action - The [[strikethrough]] can [[/strikethrough]] "King" can scarcely be said to live who does nothing but obey his animal impulses.
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Wednesday June 20 [[superscript]] th [[/superscript]] 1860.

About 12 last night a fine breeze from the S.E. sprung up carrying us to the North rapidly. During [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] part of the day we have made 10 Knots per hour. We are now, by my observations in
Lat.  53° - 09' - 00" N
Long. 51° - 16' - 40" W
having sailed 138 miles N.W. 314 W. (true)! since yesterday.
Approaching the North Axis of the Earth!
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Aye, nearing the goal of my fondest wishes. Every thing relating to the Arctic Zone is deeply interesting to me. I love the snows - the ice - Icebergs - the Fauna & the Flora of the North! I love the circling Sun, the Long day - [[underlined]] the Arctic night when the Soul can commune with God in silent and reverential  awe [[/underlined]]! I am on a mission of love - I

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