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When I 1 [[superscript]] st [[/superscript]] had a view of this Berg [[strikethrough]] it [[/strikethrough]] 130 feet of its height was visible, allowing my position to have been 10 feet above the level of the Sea [[insertion]] & [[/insertion]] the berg to have been 200 feet high, & distance 10 1/4 miles.
A mountain of Alabaster upon the bosom of the dark Sea, black clouds forming the back-ground, is a [[strikethrough]] picture of [[/strikethrough]] subject worthy the [[strikethrough]] study [[/strikethrough]], & the pencil of the artist; but [[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] it [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] The [[/insertion]] Mountain of Ice [[/underlined]], white as the undriven Snow [[insertion]] now [[/insertion]] out upon the blue ocean [[insertion]] westward of [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] us, with [[/insertion]] the setting Sun dipping its nether limb in the [[strikethrough]] rolling wave [[/strikethrough]] midst of white "Sea-caps", while its upper [[reaches?]] thick heavy clouds [[insertion]] extending half around the horizon [[/insertion]] & bathing them in a flood of crimson [[strikethrough]] half - around the horizon [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] with [[/insertion]] Venus & the [[insertion]] New [[/insertion]] moon close by peering out [[insertion]] in the cold air [[/insertion]] to make the back ground complete - is a subject worthy the song of the poet - worthy the pen of a [[strikethrough]] Greely [[insertion]] Bayard Taylor [[/strikethrough]] Kane [[/insertion]] - worthy the pencil of a Raphael.
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At Ten o'clock [[insertion]] P.M. [[/insertion]] we came along side of this magnificent pile of Ice. The Captain had turned the "George Henry out of her course several miles on purpose [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] that Iceberg & [[strikethrough]] myself my [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] I [[/insertion]] might shake hands to-gether.
It is said lovers like darkness better than light - the hour 10 o'clk would indicate to some that darkness was upon the face of the deep when I & my idol met. - not so - Light [[insertion]]abounded - [[/insertion]] not that of noon day but that of early eve when the Sun [[strikethrough]] had [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] hath [[/insertion]] withdrawn his glowing face. [[strikethrough]] abounded [[/strikethrough]]
We met - Ice berg was Silent - & I too was Silent - I stood in the presence of God's Work. Its fashioning was that of the Great Architect. He Who [[strikethrough]] can [[/strikethrough]] buildeth [[underlined]] such [[/underlined]] monuments [[strikethrough]] & bid of them [[/strikethrough]] casteth them forth upon the waters of the Sea [[underlined]] is God [[/underlined]], & there can be [[insertion]] none [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] none [[/strikethrough]] other.
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