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[[pencil, underline]] 22 [[/pencil, underline]] [[underline]] June 24/60 [[/underline]]
in furnishing means to [[strikethrough]] caray [[/strikethrough]] carry it out.
Capt. Baddington in connection with this Work can never be forgotten. The world will be largely indebted to him for his kindly aid - for the unbounded generosity meted out [[strikethrough]] toward [[/strikethrough]] ^[[insertion]] in [[/strikethrough]] forwarding ^[[insertion]] the interests of [[/insertion]] this "[[underline]]Franklin Re-Search Expedition" [[/underline]].
   I pray God that Good may come out of the efforts that are about to ^[[insertion]] be [[/insertion]] made to recover to the World some of the companions of Sir John Franklin - to recover to the World the recounts of that expedition of which the noble Franklin was the Commander.
Humble I am, but with the help and favor of Him who Created all, [[underline]] I can accomplish something[[/underline]]. I will strive to do much. I must accomplish much to satisfy my own mind.
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[[pencil]] 23 [[/pencil]]
[[underline]] June 24/60 [[/underline]]
In satisfying my own, [[strikethrough]] mind [[/strikethrough]] I know I shall be doing service to the scientific World as well as that in the general sense.
I am aware I have a great task before me - that I shall have much to contend with; but [[underline]] Care & Industry effect everything" [[/underline]] was the saying of Periander one of the Seven Sages of Greece, in truth [[underline]] now [[/underline]] as well as when ^[[insertion]] 1st [[/insertion]] uttered. Providence has put care & labor in our way, as blessings too easily enjoyed are soon neglected, if not despised. [[underline]] Patitur qui vincit [[/underline]].
The palm-tree flourishes in proportion to the incumbent night.
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