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about these lilleputian elephants. In the States the very hum of a [[insertion]] single [[/insertion]]] Musquito is enough to set any one [[strikethrough]] into [[/strikethrough]] on his guard. How many a poor soul [[insertion]] in Cincinnati [[/insertion]] has been kept in a state of [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] alarm & warfare [[strikethrough]] during all [[/strikethrough]][[insertion]] near the [[/insertion]] night long by the presence of only two or three Musquitos!
Here in the North, it is a common sorry hour affair to have thousands, [[insertion]] [[underlined]] at one time [[/insertion]]yes thousands [[/underlined]] - [[strikethrough]] buzzing [[/strikethrough]] around you, some [[insertion]] buzzing - [[/insertion]] some draining your very life-blood from your [[strikethrough]] nose [[/strikethrough]] face, hands, arms, legs, backs, others [[strikethrough]] & even [[/strikethrough]] diving into your mouth, ears & nose! *Actually the clothing [[strikethrough]] such as is [[/strikethrough]] worn in the States is no protection here to the huge probocis [[insertion]] with [[/insertion]] which each lady mosquito is armed.
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* Note. July 10th/

* Two days ago myself with a companion took a tramp into the mountains back of Holsteinborg. We were clad, [[underlined]] Cap a pie  [[/underlined]] in thick woollens. We returned [[strikethrough]] pricked [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] covered [[/insertion]] all over with the [[insertion]] smarting [[/insertion]] wounds of the C. Musquito
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Saturday July 7th/ continued
After dinner the "George Henry" presented an interesting scene - the larger proportion getting ready to visit the town. Bears-oil, Rag & Shoe blacking were in great demand. The Captain & myself caught or rather simultaneously with the others, took the fever. By two & one half o'clock we were dressed in the height of the fashion of the States [[underlined]] when we left [[/underlined]] 40 days ago! Capt.B. looked[[insertion]] NEW - [[/insertion]] as if out of a Band-box & I am just in mind to think he would say the same of me! 
Into the Boat with a jolly crew away, we went to visit the Governor, to pay him our complements & receive his if he found us deserving. How my fingers tingled as our Boat touched Greenland's shore! This was my 1st approach to Arctic land. As I touched the firm Earth I exclaimed:
Thank God, I am safely landed in the Arctic Regions. This is my greeting to thee;- taking up* [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] fragment stones of[[strikethrough]] one a of [[/strikethrough]] Greenland's mountains, which I pressed to my lips!

Transcription Notes:
Cap a pie = from head to foot

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