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[[in pencil]][[strikethrough]] 112 [[/strikethrough]] 109 [[/in pencil]]

North end of table Lady Bulow on the opposite side to the Sofa - Madame Kjer south side near Gov. Elberg.
The Esquimaux Seventh in this costume McClintock's Book in the Gov hand The Fac-simile of the Franklin Record & the Chart on the table by the Governor.  This was a great feast of the Soul! [[boxed insertion]] of this day's record See last part [[/boxed insertion]]
After tea, Ladies commenced at once nitting Lace [[insertion]] very good work [[/insertion]] Governor remark that they done this to keep them out of mischief.
Governor tells me if the Priest gets home before the vessels leave he will take me with a party [[strikethrough]] who [[/strikethrough]] that is expected to make a voyage up to one of his settlements - up the fiord - to be gone several days
Madam Kjer presents me with [[insertion]] mustard ladle & [[/insertion]] 2 Salt Shovels [[insertion]] all of walrus tusk ivory [[/insertion]] made by [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] an Esquimaux, the only instrument used a knife.  Excellent worksmanship. An appropriate present indeed.  I carried over from the vessel 2 [[strikethrough]] sew [[/strikethrough]] table [[insertion]] pin & needle [[/insertion]] Cuishions & presented them to the 2 ladies named above 
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On coming out of the [[insertion]] Gov's [[/insertion]] door overlooking the Bay Sea & Mountains, Madam K. had the Cake basket in her hand.  Two [[insertion]] Large [[/insertion]]]] fine specimens of Esquimaux dogs met her. "Hector" looked wishful [[insertion]] [[struckthrough]] & shook his fine tail [[/struckthrough]] [[/insertion]] so did      [[blank space for another name]]  Her good heart responded by giving each a Sweet Cake!
The opera glass scene - I left it with the party till I should come again.
The Good night!  Returned at 10 1/2 o'clk having been at the Governors full 6 1/2 hours!  The time was well spent.  Capt. B & I thought it a glorious time for the Arctic Regions or any other!
Found at the landing one of the "George Henry's" boats ready to push off - It contained Sterry (red as a beet) Smith, Rogers & 5 or 6 others of the crew who were on their way Home [[insertion]] (George Henry in the Bay) [[/insertion]] from a dance that they had participated in at the Lieut. Gov. wife's mothers.  All declared that they had a capital time especially Sterry.  By the by, "Sampson" who sold
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