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[[in pencil]] 141 [[/pencil]]

Friday, July 13th 1860

Rain - Rain - Rain.  Well if were not for this we should have what is worse - musquitos - those insufferable [[insertion]] little [[/insertion]] torments of the Arctic Regions.  I [[strikethrough]] never [[/strikethrough]] will never complain of these insects at home again!  [[strikethrough]] for ther [[/strikethrough]] For every one I've seen there, I have seen ten thousand here! It [[underline]] never [[/underline]] seems as if there were [[insertion]] only [[/insertion]] enough at home for specimens [[strikethrough]] of the [[/strikethrough]] for the [[underlined]] Curioso [[/underlined]] while here, if I had them all I could [[strikethrough]] build a solid [[/strikethrough]] bridge [[strikethrough]] at across [[/strikethrough]] Davis Straits! Capt. B. has decided to go to the whaling ground by the 20th. Thus, we are to get letters ready.  
Much is to be done to prepare the rigging of the "Rescue" and "George Henry" for [[strikethrough]] f? [[/strikethrough]] navigating in the ices.  The Company await fair weather that said work may be completed.
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[[in pencil]] 142 [[/in pencil]]

[[strikethrough]] Almr? [[/strikethrough]]
[[in large parenthesis and different handwriting, as follows:]]
[[in pencil]] x [[/in pencil]] Adam Beck [[linked to circle on right]] 1822 [[//circle]] x Born [[written above]]
[[in pencil, vertically on page right]] x The word Born written by me H [[/pencil]]
[[strikethrough, in pencil]] A:Th:S: Beck
[[in pencil]] x [[/in pencil]] 12 December
[[in pencil]] x [[/in pencil]] Sir John Ross

The above written by Adam Beck on board the "George Henry" July 13th/1860 
Capt. Phillips speak: Adam Beck plenty lie - Sir John Ross very good man - plenty pray, plenty eat. Carl Peterson no speak. Husky quick - not good Husky speak - small speak Husky? Adam Beck thus speaks of Carl Peterson. In the presence of Capt. Buddington A. Beck said he spoke with the Esquimaux
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