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for company [[strikethrough]] and she [[/strikethrough]] I like to see a child playing about. [[strikethrough]] when he [[/strikethrough]] I was paying 850 fr a year. He looked about for a new studio & apartments & found this big studio with its two little rooms & kitchen to it for 800 fr. [[strikethrough]] but as he feared did not like [[machikes ?]] [[/strikethrough]] & to save the expense he asked me to [[strikethrough]] take [[/strikethrough]] give up my studio & come in with him & so I would pay but half - 400 fr. & have no trouble about sweeping or keeping clean. This was very  advantageous to me & I did it, & would have [[strikethrough]] sade [[/strikethrough]] saved 450 fr. a year. New he has had constant work & made enough money to keep the big studio easily for his wife & child [[strikethrough]] who re [[?]][[/strikethrough]] and so he is glad to get shut of us. As soon as he was sure we were going he got more polite than ever I saw him & got chairs for me to stand on to get at casts and brushed them off for me. I think he felt mean, for he still kept talking about things which were decided on & how his boy might step in [[our ?]] paints & so on. Bill & I went all over yesterday afternoon hunting studios & when most despairing of our days' work [[strikethrough]] [[passed ?]][[/strikethrough]] found just what we wanted. It is not near so big as Crepons' but as we wont have much furniture to fill it up it will be big enough. It is in the [[insertion]] big [[/insertion]] new St of Rennes no far from the Church of Saint Germain des Pres. It is just the
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right place [[strikethrough]] between [[residence ?]]
[[/strikethrough]] for our hotel Bills School, my school, the dinner place Harry Moore's studio etc etc & everything lies in a [[strikethrough]] circumfer [[/strikethrough]] comparative small circumference around it. I would give you the address so you could send my letters there only [[strikethrough]] I have [[/strikethrough]] the place is not not numbered yet.
   Crepon is a weak man & He is falling back always, for he lives all by him self & [[strikethrough]] has so [[/strikethrough]] being weak was improved by contact when he was with the French students who are above him as a class. He was the schoolmate of such men as Tony Robert Fleury & Bonnat & Lafebvre [[Deslonyng ?]]
   Crepon once deceived me very much. He had some studies hanging up [[strikethrough]] in his ro [[/strikethrough]] & he said he had done them. They were grand in color, better than Gerome ever could do in some of their qualities, though of course far behind in others. Now Crepon was very good in giving me advice & he did it as well as he knew how [[strikethrough]] but he did  [[/strikethrough]] & he told me how he had done these things in the way he imagined they had been done, & of course I paid great attention to advice in my innocence which I would have only paid a just attention to if I had known he was ignorant. I possibly staid in Paris longer than he at first thought [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]]  When these fellows came back from Italy the studies went away & when I asked after them he

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