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7. There is no doubt Focillons book was one of my major influences + important discoveries in college. Not applied systematically of course but a great sti-mulus to fantasy.

8. I am working on the Punching Bag Noses now. They are very strange [[insertion]] to me [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] bu [[/strikethrough]] and occurred really as a byproduct of the [[underline]] Notes [[/underline]] at gemini in 1968. They are not especially formal - closer to [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] fetish objects. The logic of them seems to be, I mean their explanation in relation to other work - as an unwatched development, a souvenir of fantasies going on beside the main work at the time - the [[underline]] Notes [[/underline]] - run thru sophisticated technology. Tyler took them up as an edition - I had only half intended them as that. At gemini almost anything one toys with goes into Editions.

9. Drum set miniature is still far from ready.

11. Yes, I'd like to do that, I think it should be offered to a journal of writing or language, not an art mag. The [[checkmark]] means used by someone. In the 63 notes, by Max Kozloff for his gathering of notes in 66(?) for Art Forum. The [[IMAGE: small drawing of a circle with two parallel diagonal lines through it]] is a hamburger (or a screw-top), made by Kaspar Koenig in suggesting selections for the 66 Moderna Museet Catalog.

12. I am glad you like it. I do too. I will consider it.

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