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Purple Martins  Starlings
Chipping Sps.  2 Cardinals
2 crows overhead  grackles
2 Jays at feeder
1-2 chickadees
1 white-throat calling & singing in back yard
[[strikethrough]] 1 Purple Finch ([[male symbol]]) [[/strikethrough]]

4-29-60  to 70 [[degree symbol]]
To USO Annual Mtg. Bridgewater College. Susan to Coles Trip until Sunday.

2 Crows
1 Kingbird dir. over house
3 [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] Purple Finch [[male symbol]] - 2 [[female symbol]]
Purple Martins
Song Sps. 
Engl. Sps. - Starlings
Chipping Sp. singing

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Red-bellied woodpecker calling across Rochester

5-1-60 Rain over night S W wind 10-20 mph

2 Chickadees
2 Titmice
Fish Crow
1 Grackle -several X (5 late in day)
P. Martins
Song Sps.
Engl. Sps.
1 Purple Finch [[female symbol]]
2 Cardinals
2 Crows
[[strikethrough]] 1 Fish Crow [[/strikethrough]]
1 Cowbird [[female symbol]]
3-4 Mockingbirds