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contact with anybody outside of it.  When I left Chemist Club there was a raging blinding blizzard altho' temperature was mild Train was rather late.  Trolley cars much delayed and at about 2:15 P.M I was moving with difficulty through snow of Rock Lane.  At Mouguin I met [[Schmalz?]] and [[Vermorchen?]] and remained with them for a few minutes - Not the kind of people I am accustomed to.
Feb'. 12. Cohoe came here in afternoon.  Showed me some samples of valve discs and insulators made in Toronto by him which indicate that he knows how to handle molding problem of Bakelite.  He stayed for supper and [[strikethrough]] Geo [[/strikethrough]] I took him down to station at about 9 PM.
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Feb.13. [[strikethrough]] Baskerville and his son [[/strikethrough]] In the morning wrote [[underlined]] my patent as to use of Meta Cresol; [[/underlined]] was interrupted by visit of Goodwin Brown or the "crank" as neighbors call him.  Came to see me to talk about Soy bean.  Forgot my work for awhile and told him about what I had done in that line. Explained him my program which I may take up again if Bakelite permits.  Let him taste some of my Soy preparations now four years old and still very palatable.
About noon George drove Baskerville and his son Toch's daughter Constance and Celine and Rose from New York.  All took dinner here. then Baskerville with Celine and myself drove 
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