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[[underline in red]] Townsend had been to aviation field. [[/underline in red]]
Then went to reception of Canadian Society at Delmonico's. Evans was in all his glory as President. A rather conservative body of men. seem to delight in idea of King George and dear old England. and all what is officially respectable. Came home with Evans on 12 [[underline superscript]] 30 [[/underline superscript]] P.M train. 
Oct 26. Got order from [[underline in red]] Boonton for two barrels.[[/underline in red]] This brings the months sales [[underline in red]] to about $2000. [[/underline in red]] The largest yet! Went to New York in afternoon. Bought small storage battery. [[underline in red]] Lewis [[/underline in red]] made run [[underline in red]] of varnish with one of the New York Cresol  [[/underline in red]] barrels just arrived. I watched him [[underline in red]] and everything seems all right.[[/underline in red]] In the evening bought another Coon fur from Saks and Co.
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for $47[[underline superscript]] 50 [[/underline superscript]].
Oct 27. Lewis made two runs of Solid A. Armstrong here this morning with sketches according to my directions [[underline in red]] for asbestos covering on my house. [[/underline in red]] Again splendid weather. Took 12 [[underline superscript]] 47 [[/underline superscript]] P.M to office. Home in time for supper.
Oct.28. Left [[strikeout]] early [[/strikeout]] somewhat earlier this morning. took lunch at Chop. House in John street. At 1 P.M met by letter appointment a man who [[strikeout]] has [[/strikeout]] says has worked for [[underline in red]] Edison [[/underline in red]] on Bakelite and who has left him. When party finally was announced I find him to be a boy about 16 years old. freckled face. Split teeth and generally very undeveloped. Is this the class of laboratory assistants (!) Edison uses. At 2 [[underline superscript]] 30 [[/underline superscript]] P.M meeting of [[underline in red]] Chemists Club bdg. Co. [[/underline in red]] at offices of
[[red vertical line in left margin runs from "appointment a man who" to "very undeveloped."
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