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fully to his work. [[strikethrough]] T [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Thurlow [[/red underline]] promised me that he will sell me for five hundred Dollars one thousand dollars of his stock for Lewis whenever I ask him. This in order that [[red underline]] Lewis [[/red underline]] may be able [[red underline]] to buy some stock. [[/red underline]] [[insert in left margin]] Lewis left my service some time later after having had trouble with his wife, and became very careless about his work. See further. [[/insert]] Went to N.Y at 3 P.M If I only could have a vacation far removed from my every day surroundings! Motor car is in the repair shop since [[strikethrough]] [[satur?]] Friday on account of frozen pump which sheared off bevel gears of timer. But got it back to day.
[[vertical red line in left margin from "my every day surroundings" to "Friday on account of"]]
[[end page]]
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[[note in red pencil at top]] First run at Perth Amboy. [[/end note]]
Feb 11. Left here at about 9. AM. Mrs Evans here early and took some dictation. Drove with Lewis to 155 st. thence to Hudson Tunnel with L. train. Then to Perth Amboy via P.R.R. Beautiful weather landscape all snow. Took hasty sandwich and apple at factory. [[red underline]] Am disgusted at slow progress. Find everything wrong and unfinished. Everything goes contrary. [[/red underline]] Steam engine refuses to work. chains jump off. apparatus not tight. pinion teeth smashed. no electric light Green incompetent hands. Could not follow reaction having no ^[[electric]] light. Started making two barrels varn- 
[[vertical note in left margin, underlined in red]] I had selected a marine reversible steam engine as used on boats so as to be able to control speed of stirring as well as being able to reverse stirring [[end page]]

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