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Sept 6. Drove to Cortland at 10. Swan at office. back from his short vacation. Meeting of board of Directors 
Short meeting Lunch at Drug Club then to Perth Amboy. Trouble with [[red underline]] quick molding mixtures [[/red underline]] is due to [[red underline]] imperfect grinding 
Dr. Weston, [[/red underline]] his son and purchasing agent came there with automobile. [[red underline]] Stems are O.K but are [[/red underline]] rather [[strike through]] to yell [[strike through]] [[red underline]] too yellow [[/red underline]] Home with 7 [[underline superscript]] 39 [[/underline superscript]] [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]]  back from camp. [[red underline]]Left there with 10 cents. [[/red underline]] Bradley and Simmons leaving in three days canoe trip homewards
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with only 28 cents in their pockets
September 7. Takamine and Furuta for lunch at Drug Club 
Sept 8. A day of much irritation on account of incompetent stenographer. Miss Evans on vacation. Busy all day here Laurence made some Solid A & camphor oil mixture also with xylol and napthalene so as to make [[red underline]] coil impregnation mixtures. [[/red underline]] Gotthelf at Perth Amboy
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Sept 9. All day in laboratory
Sept 10. At noon Mr. & Mrs. Middlebrook for lunch with their boys. Dr. Beckman here for supper.  
Sept 11. Went to office at noon