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The Mexican Nat. Construction Co.
New York July 21st. 1882
Howard Watch & Clock Co.
Dear Sirs!
Enclosed I send you Req. #777 for 1 Regulator and 3 station clocks for Manzanella Mexico. 
The Regulator is to be numbered No 1 F.C.N.M. The 3 station Clocks numbered No 1 #2 #3 F.C.N.M. You will please observe that [[double underlined]] Texas [[/double underlined]] Clocks are marked and numbered from #1 upwardly ^[[insertion]] Tex. Mex. Ry. Clocks for City Mexico, are numbered & marked. [[/insertion]] F.C.N.M.
Today our first Req. For Manzanilla, Mexico ([[double underlined]] Pacific side [[/underlined]]) will commence Nos from #1 F.C.N.M.
Yrs Very Truly
Jno Dougherty