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[[preprinted]] FE [[/preprinted]]
Fensmere Co.. 23/1752
Ferguson J.G. & B.S. 23/1768
Ferris, Littlefield Co., 23/1794-1796
Ferguson & Page 23/1861
Ferus & Littlefield Co., 24/2276
Federal Bank of New York 22/1326
Fiegensham, Christian Co 25/2936
Ferris & White 25/2940
Feiley, John 25/2941
Fellman H. 27/3715
Ferry St George 28/4384.
Federal Crate & Basket Co. 29/4563
Ferry J.J. 29/4586-4625
Ferguson Mrs. J.A. 29/4843
Feldkamp Candy Co. 31/5436
Fearing William B. 31/5539
Felix N.J. & Sons 31/5774 33/6849 34/7798
Federal Reserve Bank 23/5969 [[insert]] Boston[[/insert]].6188[[insert]] N.Y. [[/insert]] 35/8292. [[insert]] Boston [[/insert]]
Federal League Ball Grounds, Baltimore 32/6069
Fearing Sherman T. 33/7085,
Fell Township School Dist. 33/7115.
Federal Docks, E. Boston 34/7335.
Federal Seating Co. The 35/7998.8227.8228.
Federal St. Bldg. Trust Co 36/8763.
Federal Reserve Bank [[insert]] Minneapolis [[/insert]] 37/8883
Federal Reserve Bank [[insert]] Cleveland O.[[/insert]] 37/8972
Fersee R.N. 37/9067.

First Church of Christ (Prov. R.I.) 31/5403
First Church (Unit) Andover Mass 30/5350
First State Bank, Evansville, Ind. 30/5337
Fire Prevention Co. of Canada, Std. 30/5324-5410
[[Preprinted Text FI]] 
First Parish Church [[insert]] Dover N.H. [[/insert]]17/608
Fisher N.A. Mfg. Co. 17/609
First Presbyterian Church 18/783
Fidelity Title & Trust Co., 20/1056
First Nat'l Bank, Scranton, Pa. 20/1057
First Ger. Evan. Luth. Church 20/114
Finn, J.L. 21/1181
First Cong'l. Church, Leicester, Mass. 22/1273
First Ward Nat'l Bank, E.B. 22/1408
First Nat'l Bank, Latrobe, Pa 22/1437
First Cong'l Unitarian Church 22/1454
First Presbyterian Ch., Mattoon 22/1487
Field, Arthur M. Co. 22/1547
First Cong'l Society (Leominster) 23/1677
Finkenauer, Theo 23/1704
Financier Co. 23/1744-1751
Finke, R.J. 23/1801
Fidelity Trust Co., 23/1806-24/1904 30/4987
First Nat'l Bank. Allegheny, Pa. 24/1870
Fisher & Co., Geo. L. 24/1886
First Natl Bank, Mineola, Texas 31/5448
First Natl Bank, Union N.J. 31/5494-5700
Fifth Ave. Presbyterian Church 31/5497
First Nat'l Bank Whitewater Wis. 31/5429
First Cong'l Ch. Newbury Vt 28/4180
First Parish Unit Ch. Maryland 28/4197
First Natl Bank, Memphis, Tenn. 28/4209
First Nat'l Bank, Spring Valley, N.Y. 28/4279
First Presbt Church, Newman Ill. 28/4315
First Nat'l Bank, Geneva, N.Y. 28/4327
First Univ. Ch. Pawtucket R.I. 28/4385
Fidelity & Casualty Co. 29/4534
Fitzsimmons T.J. 29/4548
Fisher Electric Co. 29/4553
First Nat'l Bank, Edensburg, Pa. 29/4665
First Cong'l Church, Wakefield, Mass. 29/4782-4791
First Church of Christ New London, Conn. 29/4810
First Natl Bank, Wyoming Penn 29/4818
Finkelstein, M.F. 29/4899
First Cong'l Ch Wellfleet 30/4918
Fidelity Securities Corp. 30/5006
First Nat Bank Ridgefield Pk. N.J. 31/5613
First Nat Bank, Youngstown, O 30/5259-5385
Fisher Rev. Geo. 30/5317-5342 32/6218
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