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[[pre-printed]] 96 [[/pre-printed]] St. Kitts 18

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[[margin]] X-19-36 [[/margin]] Another rather warm day, though not cloudless. Yesterday was the only really hot one we've had in St. Kitts. I went to Frigate Bay again to try the beach.
[[underlined]] Station 307. [[/underlined]]
North Frigate Bay beach, parish of St.Peter. From under seaweed (with aid of cloth and aspirator) took 6 Staphs ([[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]] -5, Aleocharinae -1), 101 Carabids, 57 Histerids (minute), 15 Byrrhids (?), 1 [[underlined]] Notoxys [[/underlined]] (Anthicidae), and 2 other beetles. Also many larvae, isopods, & amphipods.
   I walked along the beach for 3/4 of a mile without seeing a single shell. There is a reef protecting part of this beach, and I took a sand sample from this part - with forams.
   It took all afternoon to count the specimens. Sand when damp is the most difficult thing from which to sort specimens.
   In the evening we went to play bridge at Mrs. Thurston's. I have never had worse hands, - was on the short end of 4 700 rubbers.
[[underlined]] Station 308. [[/underlined]]
Basseterre, St. Kitts. Three Scarabs and another beetle under street lamps. Will also put here a few miscellaneous small things taken at the Seaside Hotel.
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[[margin]] X-18-36 [//margin]] Sunday. Forgot this day. At eight o'clock Mr. Drayton took us out to Frigate Bay to bathe. It was an exceptionally warm day but we got no serious sunburns. Ruth picked up a few more shells. We met there a Mr. Eliot, uncle of Mr. Drayton, who is in charge of the road work for gov't. He offered to take us about the island with him, and we accepted for Saturday.
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[[margin]] X-20-36 [[/margin]] The S.S. Lady Nelson came in at breakfast time from the south. I stayed home expecting Mr. Elliott to call. Wrote a letter for Ruth and spent the rest of the morning thinking about categories for classification of Staphs. Ended up with these: Superfamily (-oidea), Fam. (-idae), Subfam. (inae), Supertribe (-oidi), Tr. (-idi). Subtr. (-im), Superphratry (-sida), Phratry or Clan (-ida), Subphr. (-ina), Genus, Subgenus, Species, Subspecies.
This has 6 more than recommended for paleontology by Schenk and McMasters Prodecure in Taxonomy.
   Ruth received a long letter from Addie Rey, and I a beetle from Mr. Raeburn. Later I received a letter from Mr. Grof at the Museum, stating that the usual procedure is to give 50 separates free, but that they will let me have 100 copies at the Museum's expense. What a break! 
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