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[[circled]] iii [[/circled]]

rusty notes. Usually only a relatively few notes per series. Intergrading with [[Trill's?]] ?, 19. Intergrading with Squ; 20 Without PL or BT; 44. Frequently closely associated with silent MO; 44, 45. General discussion; 18, 19, 20. As "greeting"; 38. Directed toward me; 45, 56. Directed toward [[underlined]] geoffroyi [[/underlined]]; 45. Partly hostile and partly friendly?; 18. Higher intensity than Squ; 20.

[[underlined]] Snorts [[/underlined]]. By infant. Description; 32. Preliminary to "greeting"; 32. Part of Mu-Snort-B series; 33.

[[underlined]] O.[[/underlined]] By infants. "Augh" or "Ough". Description; 31. "Greeting"?; 31. Distress Call?; 31 Thwarted infantile mot?; 57

[[underlined]] Mu [[/underlined]] By infants. Description; 31, 32, 33. Part of Mu-Snort-B series; 33. Real contentment?; 33

[[underlined]] M ???[[/underlined]] Adult; 44.

[[underlined]] [[Trill?]] Complex. [[/underlined]] General comment; ontogeny [[Trill?]] patterns; 37.
[[underlined]] S - [[Trill?]]. [[/underlined]] By infants. Description; 7; 29. As response to recorded Squ's, S - [[Trill?]], and B's; 11. In same circumstances as Squ; 7 General discussion; 7, 10, 12, 27, 28, 57. Possibly hostile; 7, 10, 12, 28, 57 Produced by frustration of infantile motivation? ; 7, 57
"Lost Call" [[Trill?]] by very young infant. Description, 27, 28. High intensity "Lost Call" [[Trill?]] almost like whistle; 29. "Lost Call"

Transcription Notes:
Not sure about [[Trill]] - could possibly be an abbreviation? Don't think it has an 'i' - more like Nll?

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