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[[circled]] vii [[/circled]]

ATELES FUSCICEPS      INDEX - Nov. 22, 1960

6. [[underlined]] Miscellaneous [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Use of Hands [[/underlined]] Description; 14.

[[underlined]] Comfort Movements [[/underlined]] Face-cleaning. No rubbing along branches; 11. Infant uses tongue; 6
Hand-cleaning: juvenile rubbles fingers (during B); 6, 8
Autochthonous scratching. Usually with hands. By infants and juveniles, description; 11. Once with hind foot; 11.

[[underlined]] Social Grooming [[/underlined]] Adults. [[female symbol]] grooms [[male symbol]]; 23, 58

[[underlined]] Feeding [[/underlined]] Infant; 26

[[underlined]] Sleeping [[[/underlined]] Description, adults; 46.

[[underlined]] Clasping Reactions Infant. [[/underlined]] Description; 25, 26, 33.
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