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[[Letterhead]] Department of Fine Arts 5515 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles 28 California Immaculate Heart College [[/Letterhead]]

Greetings to you!
and thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. We are still trying to figure out how it was printed but a little of the mysterious is probably very healthy. 
We do want you to know too about all the special kind of delight you bring to a great number of people by all your books, book jackets and illustrations that pop into view whenever we turn around. Ounce, Dice, Trice was especially good. 
I have a completely fantastic request to make of you - please don't hesitate to say no if is too fantastic. My brother and I have both begun an amateur's approach to Hebrew. He has actually begun (lives in N.Y.) I have only started carrying a book around with me. He was the one who thought of asking you to write on some big old piece of paper with a chisel edged pen or two pencils fastened together the Hebrew alphabet.
Or if you haven't time for this perhaps you could suggest a source where we could get some beautifully written ones. 
We hope to see you one of these times when we are East - if we get back. We were there just before Christmas but things didn't work out that way.

May you have a wonderful year - Gratefully, Sister Mary Corita, I.H.M.
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