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Rhus diversiloba com
Herba santa com
Aecs along streams
Alnus rhombifolius " [[Ditto for: along streams]]
Lipocedrus decurrens, a few
grape, abn.
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Michigan Bluff
Oct. 28 91.
[[underlined]] Plants not at Colfax. [[/underlined]]
Quercus (minimus)
Madrone Schittens wood
Arctos. pungens, at Main Top.

[[underlined]] Plants of Colfax not at Michigan B. [[/underlined]]
Quercus douglasii
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] (small tree, lobed leaf. deciduous) 

Transcription Notes:
Latin names checked. I'm not sure of [[?]] ones, kept Vernons original spelling. Herba santa = Hierba Santa Arctos. pungens = arctostaphylos pungens