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[[underlined]] Marwol [[/underlined]] marble works

Verdi, a little Town
Smooth sage brush hills at edge of Pines
Ephedra (Verda)
Follow a large creek. Some good farms. Plenty of grass on hills
[[underlined]] Rero [[/underlined]]
Broader valley lots of grass & alkalie
Atriplex confertifolia
Low lava Mts, covered with Artemisia
Salt grass
Shepherdia argentia
Things dry & yellow
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Atriplex canescens
Eurotia lanata
Grayia pollygaloides
Sandy & rocks
Ephedra verda stops & Epedra nevadensis begins
[[underlined]] Station [[/underlined]]
Salizaria mex. com.
[[underlined]] Wadsworth [[/underline]]

[[underlined]] Big dry valley [[/undrlined]], sandy, no sage, dry soda flat. Vegetation scarity -
Sarcobatus (baileyi) com -
[[underlined]] Sink of Humboldt [[/underlined]] a big soda valley & lake
[[underlined]] Lovelock [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Rye Patch [[/underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
Latin names need checking - first page done. Anything I'm unsure of is in [[?]] Vernon's spelling mistakes are kept. Sarcobatus (Baileyi) is named after Vernon!