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[[underlined]] Ferns [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] New York fern [[/underlined]] - Aspidium noveboracisse - tapering both ways - a delicate light green fern growing in masses.
[[underlined]] Aspidium spinulosum [[/underlined]] - ^ [[insertion]] dark green [[/insertion]] growing in clusters.

[[underlined]] Royal Fern [[/underlined]] - Osmunda regalis - brown fruit slender & separate
[[underlined]] Cinnamon [[/underlined]] " [[Ditto for: fern]] [[underlined]] " [[Ditto for: Osmunda]] cinnamomea [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Interrupted [[/underlined]] " [[Ditto for: fern]] " [[Ditto for: Osmunda]] Claytoniana
[[underlined]] Ostrich fern [[/underlined]] Onoclea struthiopteris
[[underlined]] Sensitive " [[Ditto for: fern]][[/underlined]] " [[Ditto for: Osmunda]] sensibilis
[[underlined]] Hairy Dicksonia [[/underlined]] Dicksonia pilosiuscula dark green growing in masses in dry places
[[underlined]] Pteris aquilina [[/underlined]] common braken
[[underlined]] asplenium filix-femina [[/underlined]] rather thick & compact growth. Brown with spore cases underside fronds.

Transcription Notes:
Used reference book Ferns and Their Allies by Helen Eastman cir. 1904. Double checked ferns but kept her spelling - she has made some errors.