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[[circled]] 3818 [[circled]]       
[[stamped]] JUL 31 1924 [[/stamped]]

66 South Street
Red Bank, N.J.
July 26, 1924.

W..Atlee Burpee Co.,
Philadelphia, Penn.

Seeds, which produce our field or garden crops, should be carefully selected from responsible firms. They must not be chosen at random, if we desire success in our endeavors.

Truly, Burpee is the friend and helper of the farmer and gardener in every sense. When Burpee's seeds are planted we find true germination. They are just as they have been described  in the catalogue and Burpee's leaflets give all necessary information in regard to mode of planting and cultivating. If at any time a crop was not successful I found it was the fault of the weather, poor fertilizer or planting too deeply. I know it was not the seeds because having planted the seeds left over and by correcting the fault they produced a crop. 

Others also have the highest praise for Burpee. At different times I have asked the gardeners in my neighborhood where they bought their seeds. Those who purchased them from Burpee always expressed their complete satisfaction. Recently, I was talking to a gardener on a large estate who said, "I haven't purchased seeds from Burpee, but I know they are a reliable house."

There is another very noteworthy feature about Burpee's seeds. New varieties are always being introduced which are always an improvement over the more common ones of the same class.

Speaking from experience, in my opinion Burpee stands first among seed growers and I am very glad to give a word of praise to this company and heartily recommend their seeds to planters.

Yours respectfully,
[[signature]] Asher L. Tilton [[/signature]]

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