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roses.  I could not find any card at first, and could not imagine from whom they came, but I afterwards found Dr. Grier's card with them, and  was perfectly delighted and could not have been more surprised.
It is quite calm, much more so than I should  have expected the first or rather second day out.
Our run was 436, which give us a good start, a little better than last time.  That means, I hope, if all goes right Liverpool Saturday.  That will be fine.
It was lovely this evening
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on deck.  The stars were out and although it was rather dark, it seemed, to me, to give signs of a fine day to-morrow.  Let us hope it will be, for if there is anything I dislike on  ship board, it is having rainy weather.
I have been feeling fine to day, and Fraulein is getting along very well.  She has not missed a meal yet.

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