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[[pre-printed]] Saturday Jan 6 [[/pre-printed]]
Colder today but not as much wind. Went skating all day, [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]]. Jut and Lloyd  were there. The whole pond was frozen over and the brook connecting the pond and the outlet was frozen also. The kids had a log fire with a rude shelter by the outlet. Jelly, Caw and Tuck had grub there. I skated much better to-day. Will, Cushat Arnold and the two Walcott kids were there and we had an expedition all over the pond. A lot of the ice is cream colored and as smooth as glass [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] so it is slick to skate over. Staid till dark. I only got one leg drenched. There were quite a few people down there in the afternoon 
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[[pre-printed]] Sunday Jan 7 [[/pre-printed]]
Snow this morning. Staid in bed all the morning. Muscles lame in ankles from effects of yesterday. 
[[image - ink sketch of boy or man in winter balaclava with the word 'JUT' written under it]]
I read "20,000 Leagues under the Seas" and finished it. A serial story in McClures "Stover at Yale" I'm re^[[insertion]] a [[/insertion]]ding.
[[Image: ink sketch figure driving car]] 
[[Image: ink sketch two college flags/ flag one - 'Harvard' with 'Best' tag. flag two - 'Yale']] 
[[Image: ink sketch person standing with hands on hips]] [[Image: ink sketch of two figures on marked ice surface. One playing hockey, the other in background skating with hands in muff]]