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The catch of moths tonight was poorer than that of last night. Still it remains hot and dry, with no rain. Several of the moths caught tonight look very interesting but there were very few of them. This district ought to be an excellent place in which to collect, but because of the drought, it is poor at present. 
Aug. 28. We are spending the night at Dosig (correction in pencil: Dong) Di Pu, 60 li from Zong (correction in pencil: Gong) Shun (correction in pencil: Shien). It is a small town. Still no rain. We got what seems to be a rare kind of wasp, two specimens. 
I have today had a taste of the best side of the Chinese. The militia officer who is the head official, was exceedingly polite and accomodating. 

Aug. 29. Last night's catch of moths was a little larger than on previous days, but still small. 
We travelled 40 li over steep roads to Tseo Jia Keo, then climbed to the home of Yang Fong Gsang (correction in pencil: Tsang) on the side of the mountain. He lives in a small house having a straw roof. 
I left the netter Lai in the town of Tseo Jia Keo, alt. about 2,000 feet, and we are using the gasolene lanterns at Yang's home. 

Aug. 30. We got about one box of insects last night, some of which are very interesting. Lai got a kind of butterfly that I got only once before, and in this section. Today the sky is clouding up a bit. 
Labelled boxes 421-424, all dried insects. 
I took a number of anthropometrical measurements, mostly of Chuan Miar (correction in pencil: Miao) aborigines.