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Aug. 31. Yesterday we secured three small birds. Today we secured four birds. 

Last night it rained, and we secured 1 1/2 boxes of insects, nearly all night moths. Tonight we are not catching so many, but some of them seem very interesting. 

Both Chinese and the Chuan Mia[[underline]]r[[/underline]]^[[o]] are very friendly. 

Today I took some more anthropometrical measurements. 

Ho, the skinner, is helping with the insects very nicely, taking the major responsibility for catching and wrapping them. 

A local official has invited me to spend two nights and a day in his home, which I will do. Then I will begin the return journey to Suifu. 

This year I will probably stress the collectiong of moths and butterflies to the limit until the season is over, hoping to make this a record year for the collecting of lepidoptera. 

Filled and labeled box 428, insects. 

Sept. 1. Last night's insects filled more than one box. Filled and labelled box no. 426, insects. 

Took several anthropometrical measurements. 

Sept. 1. Today I took nine anthropometrical measurements, besides securing insects, and two birds. Labelled box 427, insects. The metter Lai secured three of the butterflies that we have been looking for. 

Tonight the sky is clear, and we are not getting so many insects, but we have secured some that look very good.