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in Chinese homes (as a guest) and in Chinese inns. The Chinese have little conception of it. You try to work in a Chinese inn, and the first thing you know the room is packed, and crowds are peeking through the cracks and looking through the windows. 

We got a mammal today, a squirrel, colored differently from those on Mt. Omei. [[underline]] Mammal no. 308. [[/underline]] 

We got one snake today, and several birds. I collected some fossils. 

Sept. 4. We travelled 70 li to Tsanglinshien. The village of [[overwritten]] s [[/overwritten]]Teo[[Tseo]]-Jai-Geo is almost directly south of Tsang^[[‿]]Linshien, which is in a general southern direction from Suifu. We crossed a high pass or mountain, then descended by a steep road to the plain. The general lay of the land between here and the Yunnan Border is approximately this
[[image - pencil drawing of elevation rising twice]]

When we were coming down the high mountain towards Tsanglinshien, I noticed that there was no one else on that road, either going or coming. After reaching this city I learned that both leopards and robbers are fierce at the top of the high mountain between here and Tseo-Jia-Geo. Leopards were fiercer and more common over a wide territory than they have been known to be before, and probably hundreds are killed every year in the country south of Suifu, called the Lan Lu[[underline]] t [[/underline]]^[[h]] Shien District, or the "South Six Townships."

If I had tried to get in from Tsanglinshien to [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] Tseo-Jai^[[Jia]]-Geo, the official would have forbidden me. It is therefore lucky that I went in from Kongshien. 

We got a fine catch of night moths last night. We got some good moths tonight. We could have worked longer and secured more night moths tonight but last night we worked until nearly daylight, then travelled all day today, so the netter Lai and I had to catch up sleep tonight.