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Beginning March 25, 1930, concerning the collection of natural history specimens for the Smithsonian Institution by D. C. Graham

There have been 546 boxes labelled and mailed to date, and 371 mammals.

March 26. Went by boat to Li Chuang.
March 27. Started at daylight.  Went 60 li to Gi Tien Ba. I got some yellow butterflies, large, and pale green on the outside, which are only found at this altitude at about this time of the year.  At night I got a few good night moths.  I saw Chen Gih Yuen. He would like to be hired again, but I can not run the risk.  His temper and character are likely to make trouble at any time.  I am training a new man to net, named Giang.  There is another coolie named Wu along with me, whom I may be able to train up to net by next summer.  Killed a magpie but saw no birds really worth collecting.

Mosquitoes are not out yet, although it is getting warm.

March 28.  Went to Li Duan Tsang, stopping at Mu Jia Pin.  It was a hot day, but was windy so that the catch of winged insects was not large.  I did not see a single bird worth shooting.

March 29.  Got up early and started for Ngan Lin Chiao.^[[2]] A heavy storm came up and we sought shelter in a farmhouse.  It rained hard most of the morning, but cleared up towards night.

March 30.  Got up early and went to Tong Lo Gin.  Killed 4 common birds ^[[at]] two shots.  Secured a lot of water insects.  It rained, so no day insects were out.

[[insertion]] ^[[at night we got a few moths by the night lanterns.  March 31. Reached Chang Lin about 11:30.  Filled 1 1/2 bottles with shrimp and other water insects. Almost no butterflies were out.]] [[/insertion]]
April 1. Filled up the bottle of snails, and one of water insects.  There were few butterflies were out.