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place called Shih^[[5]] Ban^[[3]] Chi^[[1]], or Stone Slab Creek, between Ki^[[e]]n way and Kiating on the Ming River. Giang the netter got a fair catch of insects. 

April 11. Filled boxes 554, insects, and 555 mammal skins. Took a trip to Beh So[[strikethrough]]n[[/strikethrough]]^[[u]] Chi and back. I saw some birds, some of which were red. I killed one of the number which was not red. I have never seen these birds at this level before. It seems to me that I must have killed a female, the males being red, and that they are now migrating northward to higher altitudes. Secured a few insects. Mailed two boxes of specimens.

April 12. Filled boxes 556-557, fish.
Mailed five packages. On account of the heavy rain Giang could do no collecting. Yesterday and today I had a carpenter making boxes.

April 13. Mailed three boxes. Spent some time packing for a short trip to the country.

April 14. Mailed 2 packages. Captured many bats in the church belfry. Spent considerable time getting ready for the trip to the country. The weather is still cloudy and cool.

April 15. I got up fairly early, and went eighty li to Huang^[[2]] Sa^[[1]] Chi^[[1]], At this place are the ancient caves which Faber or Baber described in the British Geographical Journal in 1871 or 72. There are some other caves that are full of dirt, and might have some good relics if they were dug out or excavated.
Giang, the netter, got quite a few insects today. We used the gas lantern tonight. The insects were not numerous, but some of them look rare.
I saw a Chinese with red whiskers today. I tried to cut off a few as a sample, but he would not consent.

April 16. I had an escort of nine soldiers from Wang Tsang to Gi[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]]^[[o]]h Chi for robbers are met occasionally in this section. We generally pay about $2.00 for such a service, but they tried to collect $9.00. I appealed to the local militia officer, and got out for $3.00. I believe that some of the militia who escorted me