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I began looking over the outfit for the summer collecting trip.  It will be^[[|]]quite a task to get everything ready.

April 22. Filled box 569, pinned insects.

Mailed 12 boxes of specimens.

April 23.  Purchased some fish.  Wrote a letter and sent films to Doctor Wetmore.

April 24.  I spent some time arranging collecting materials.  I am securing instruments for catching water insects more efficiently.  I am purchasing carrying boxes for next summer's trip.

April 25.  Today I took two anthropometrical measurements, making a total of 50 Chinese women.  This is doing very well, for all over China it is very hard to measure Chinese women and girls.  I'll send reports to Doctor Hrdlicka pretty soon.

I am planning to send my carpenter to Mupin to try to secure some good mammal specimens.  He will then join us on the Tatsienlu trip.

Purchased several good fish.

April 26.  Purchased some cloth for making oilcloths.  Am preparing to send a man into the Mupin district to buy animal specimens.

April 27.  I find that a number of the foreign missionaries in our mission would like to see me spend all my time in collecting and research work, getting half my salary from or through the Smithsonian Institution and the other half through our mission, spending about half my time collecting for the Smithsonian Institution and the other half building up the museum of the West China Union University.

Today I secured a few insects.  I had to preach this morning and had an English Bible Class this evening.

April 28.  Filled boxes 570-573, insects.  Giang, the netter, returned from an eight-day collecting trip, filling four boxes with insects.  The carpenter-hunter Wang has started to Mupin to secure mammal skins and skeletons.
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