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- 9 -

June 1. I measured two Chinese men. I an trying to complete 200 measurements of Chinese men before summer.

The weather is hot, and very dry, a draught is threatened.

June 2. The netter Giang came back from Chungking with 12 boxes of insects, three snakes, and three bottles of water insects. Boxes 582-593 were insects. I labelled and wrapped these so as to ship them tomorrow. 594, skeletons and insects, 595 snakes, 596 water insects, all the above are are from Chungking excepting the skeletons.

The netter has done well in some ways, but poor in one respect. He does not turn back the wings of moths and butterflies when they they are folded the wrong way. Will try to instruct him.

June 3. Mailed 15 packages of specimens, nearly all the Chungking catch.

June 4. Purchased mammal no. 417, a rabbit. It is a female, about to give birth.

June 5. Filled box no. 597, mammal skins.

June 6. Mailed box 597, Filled box 598, the skin and nose of the "Elephant-nosed fish."  Measured one Chinese male.

June 7. Filled box 599, insects. Box 598 is so large that the Postoffice can not accept it. I shall have to send it to Shanghai by a friend or take it myself later when I leave on furlough. I mailed box 599.

Purchased mammals nos. 418-419.

Filled box 600, snakes etc. Mailed three boxes of specimens in all today, did some packing, and took five measurements.

June 9. Filled box no. 601 skeletons. I measured, took anthropometrical measurements of nine Chinese men, making the present total of Chinese men 175. I did some packing. I copied measurements 151-175 and will mail them to Dr. Hrdlicka tomorrow.