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March 10, 1976

Dr. H.S. Virk
Department of Physics
Pujabi University
Patiala-147002, India

Dear Dr. Virk,

Please excuse the long delay in answering your letter regarding samples for fission track dating.

Although I've talked to Dr. Corkell in general terms, I've never walked in the field myself. Consequently, I cannot suggest anypparticular material to work on; in addition we here have no access to lunar samples.

I would recommend that you contact Dr. Lal in Ahmedabad (Phys. Res. Inst.) who is a world authority.  As far literature, I would refer you to the Proceedings of the Lunar Sci. Conferences I-VI and especially articles by Fleischer, Walker, Price, Wilkening, McDougal in addition to Lal - and Bahandari.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Sincerely yours,

Kurt Fredriksson
Division of Meteorites