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(I only had my stick in my hand) & looked out for a rhino charge. Malima was very much on the 'qui vive' as we proceeded cautiously to explore the thicket. When we got through, Malima said that he thought he saw him go to the right. That beat me, as a rhino cant crawl under the bushes. So I enquired what he saw & he said "lion".
So either my hearing or my ignorance had deceived me & if I had only looked for a lion under the bushes instead of a rhino through them, I might have had a snap shot.
So here I am in the promised land, where the game ranger assured me I should ^[[insertion]] find [[/insertion]] eland in herds of a hundred, oryx, rhino etc. etc. I have explored all the ground near camp & find only Masai cattle.  It is a little disappointing, but tomorrow I will go much further afield & see what my Xmas day may bring forth. The mosquitos were very bad last night. I hope they will be better here. My feet are very sore and the toe[[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] of one boot has worn through. No matter - tomorrow is Xmas. Bless ^[[insertion]] all [[/insertion]] those at home.
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