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[[underlined]] Dec 25. [[/underlined]]
Xmas day and a good one at last.
Having solemly wished a happy Xmas all round mentally, I had breakfast at 5.30 & was away by 6.15. After going about 1/2 an hour, I saw 2 good Oryx (joy at last). They were moving & after following them for 2 hours and not being able to get near them, I gave them up & went on to explore. Presently I came across 2 more Oryx and went in pursuit of one, the other making off. No chance of stalking as the grass was not long enough to cover the soles of one's boots and the thorn scrub very thin & about up to my waist. However I crouched forward till within 300 yards & fired with the telescope. I hit him just behind the shoulder & off he went very sick & fell over. I thought he was dead & ran forward but he [[overwritten]] s [[/overwritten]] jumped up & staggered ^[[insertion]] off [[/insertion]] but soon lay down & I advanced more cautiously & finished him as he lay.
A good trophy & a beautiful beast.
After skinning & cutting him up, I went on & presently came on a small party of 5 [[strikethrough]] , [[/strikethrough]]
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