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June 21, 1924. Mailed box 174, insects.
Busy packing for the trip to Songpan.
June 22, 1924. Got on the boats. Ready to start for Kiating.
June 23, 1924. Started at daylight. Travelled 24 miles. Killed several birds, none new. Secured a few interesting insects. Tried out one of the new shotguns. It will take practice before I can use it as well as my old Winchester repeater.
June 24, 1924. An early start- boats turned tail on a rapid and went back about one-half mile. Reached Kan Beh Sou. Wounded but did not get a bird that I had not secured before. It was in a damp place where snipe might be expected but was not a snipe. 
June 25, 1924. Heavy rain during the night. Boats started late. Reached Ma Lin Tsang.
Several birds. (author's note: Ma Lin)
June 26, 1924. Reached Chien way. The boat had a hard pull over the rapid.
Light rains all morning.
June 27, 1924. Reached Tsu' Ken' Tan' (author's note: ?)
A very hot day. Killed a yellow necked crane that was standing on the back of a water buffalo.
June 28, 1924. A very hot day. Killed bird No. 1 and No. 2 on the fly. Both act like swallows, and both are not very common. No. 1 stays near the water. No. 2 flies high. I saw about a dozen in all of No. 2 flying high in the air. These were near the river.
June 29, 1924. Started my wife and four children to our bungalow on Mt. Omei (author's note: Omei) then returned to Kiating, and started for Songpan. Spent the night in a dingy room where the only light came from dirty glass tiles overhead and where the only air squeezed through cracks, the best room I could find.
Sent two necessary telegrams to Chengtu re the Songpan trip. 
June 30, 1924. Rained most of the day. Travelled about 26 miles to Tsang Jia' Kan3 (author's note: c), a small village, All the crew were very tired, as they are not yet hardened in. Secured six birds. Had an armed escort of four men. Tried shooting the 45 automatic revolver. It shoots fine. Secured some good insects.
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